Database expansion

In the past weeks, interesting and valuable pieces have been added to the multimedia database available on Hungarian Heritage House’s website.


such as parts, mostly dance music, of etnomusicologist Gergely Agócs’s recordings collected in the historical Upper Hungary and those of ethnographer Sándor Varga, for the most part collected in Transylvania and in the Transylvanian Heath.  Following digitizing and cataloguing, Hungarian Heritage House will also make these data recorded on various traditional media publicly available (high-resolution back-up copies will be stored on servers, as well as on CDs and DVDs in the storage room).


This pilot database has been created in order to upload an increasing number of audio and video recordings, photographs and slides, manuscripts and printed documents, as well as various data related to such documents, thus facilitating general or thematic search for those interested in folk music and folkdances.You can search the folklore collections, audio, film and video recordings, photographs, published recordings of folk music and folkdances; moreover, you can also search the recordings, books, periodicals and technical articles of Martin Media Collection supervised by Hungarian Heritage House.Some of the recordings are directly available in the database, others can be researched or listened to in the library (due to copyright or technical restrictions).


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