Seven new volumes published by Hungarian Heritage House

Seven new books with audio-visual supplements have been published by Hungarian Heritage House.



Borsi, Ferenc –Traditional zither (& CD supplement)

A volume including sheet music and original recordings, primarily for music students.

Juhász, Zoltán –Recorder method,  Szeklerland (& CD supplement)

152 original folk pieces in .mp3 format, primarily for music students.

Barvich, Iván –Tambura-viola (& CD supplement)

A volume for those interested in playing the tambura, no age limit.The supplement includes a representative selection of all tambura recordings available in Hungary.

Patria ethnographic recordings (edited by Ferenc Sebő)

This volume includes the full documentation related to the publishing of the Patria series, key reports on how the audio recordings were made, as well as studies.The CD supplement includes 20 folktales of the original Patria series.So far, this 3-hour document  has not been re-released.Now, it is available in .mp3 format.

Patria folk music recordings (edited by Ferenc Sebő)

This volume includes a facsimile copy of the sample book of the experimental records dating from 1936, as well as of Bartók’s manuscripts.The DVD-ROM includes the full range of Patria records, in a searchable multimedia format, as well as all secular folk music, religious folksongs and folktales recorded from 1936 to 1963.

Szabó, Ágnes –  Folksongs from Ercsi (& CD supplement)

The volume includes vocal heritage from the late 1970’ies.Irma Paczolay collected the Hungarian, Serbian and Gypsy singers living in Ercsi, a settlement in Fejér county, and recorded the vocal traditions of the village.

Horváth, Gyula –Traditional Moldavian dance music with lyre accompaniment (& CD supplement)

Our book intends to provide help to those wishing to learn playing the lyre in the Moldavian style.The majority of audio recordings feature Antim Ioan, the last Moldavian lyre player.During collections performed from 1999 to 2010, he played together with several Moldavian fiddlers and recorder players.The last eight recordings feature György Gyöngyös, Hungarian lyre player from Lujzikalagor, and fiddler Antal Gábor.Further on, the DVD-ROM includes 16 video recordings of lyre player Antim Ioan, as well as 132 lyre exercises presented by the author of the book, according to the sheet music included in the volume.